Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Whip That YAKI!

Over the past few years, ponytails have become a much needed "prop" in some of todays music videos. Today, Ciara's new video for her song, "Work" off of her latest album premiered. The video shows CiCi in this industrial yard/construction site with several female dancers backing her up, and literally BACKING her up as they all shake their goodies in many scenes. It also features Missy Elliott, someone we haven't seen in a while now. The highlite of the video is when Ciara is on metal walkway thing, and is whipping her long ass ponytail around and around. I'd say its worth watching. Kudos Ciara for making us dizzy just with the thought of moving our heads like that.

Also, check out these other Yaki-filled videos below with PonyTail POWER!

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