Thursday, September 10, 2009

About Time...

So, I was way to exhausted to type yesterday. I could barely keep my eyes open at 12 midnite...which is super rare for me these days. The night before that I was baking a cake to kill time before bed, or hoping that it would make me somewhat tired. In any case, I'm finally able to type and talk about my extra blah life.

Weeks back I mentioned that I was leaving Bath & Body Works to move up in a management position with U.S. Polo Assn. Well, I started on August 14th, and have been there since. And to be quite honest I miss BBW. The position is what it is, but its the overall company, co-workers, drama, and tasks that have been getting to me there. I feel like the management team in my store...myself included has a HUGE lack of communication which has caused some gaps. On top of that there is the issue of people blaming one another for stupid things like, "this jacket was left half on-half off the hanger"...ok get over it. Just fixd the damn jacket. Its little shit like that that annoys me. It may be somehting worth addressing, but not to make it this crazy example of neglecting your duties.

In addition to the drama, I was appointing the ever-so-wonderful task of visuals. I may be "visually capable" of handling the stores overall look, but I never asked to be placed in the position to do them. So of course I don't have enough time to finish and maintain all of the visuals in addition to overriding sales, counting registers, folding, making sure everyone is tasking and God knows what else. I usually can handle a lot at once, but I think that it may be me not wanting to be there that keeps me from focusing on my actual job and tasks. It could be why i just don't give a Insert 4 letter word about anything.

Who knows.

Ok so I must cut this short...Jonathan is here and I'm never ready on time. UGH! That ass.

Later, Luvs.

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