Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Loves her.

Last night, Wil and I went to G Lounge...we go there every once in a while. We went to get out of the house and have a little fun. It became quite the night, though.

The night started off with a bumpy bus ride into the city (hate looking for parking - we bus it) where two young gays just went on about their girlish lives in spanglish. I was super sick sitting there just hoping to make it into the city in one piece, and praying I wouldnt vomit from motion sickness. When we finally reached the city, we hopped off the bus and went to get a cab which took a lot longer than expected. Wack ass cab drivers.

We get to G, and go inside to our usual spot in the back. Its like our little section where we dance, laugh, and take pictures (losers...yes). Wil and I post a little...make eyes with the place, and go to get a drink. Once the bartender hands us our drinks I head back to the spot splitting the crowd at the stairs with a nice, "excuse me".

Who happens to be standing to my right in a gray hoody as I'm walking back up the steps?


That just set the tone for the rest of the night. Well, kind of. But we did try our best to ignore the fact that he was there. That became kind of hard when his EX decided it would be a good idea to post up on the side and stare us down with his little man-friend. How exciting. It was just so childish.

I don't know dude, but from the emails he sent me a while back on myspace, he seemed like a cool dude. Not anyone I would want to get to know since the situation would just seem so awkward, but I had nothing bad to say about the dude. Last night changed all of that, though. He continued to pop up in random places throughout the lounge with these little faces that didn't seem to pleasant. My whole thing is we aren't here for that. Have fun with your friend and thats that. Don't pay us attention, because we...well I DON'T give two shits about you. And I can say that happily in your face. We're too old for that high school stuff.

Life isn't fair when you're gorge. LOL. ;-)

In between all of that, Lenin FINALLY shows up ready to whoop-ass. That changed to let's all just dance our lives away. Which just worked for us, in a new corner of the lounge. We even managed to make friends with this guy and his boy/girl friend. I couldn't tell what she was, but I really liked him. ;-)

We also saw A LOT of extreme dance moves, including some poses from Lenin. Very couture. French vogue, if I may. Kudos, Lenin.

NOW - cut to today, whne I woke up at like 1 something pm...I'm over it. I woke up feeling like I had 2 double shots of patron, 3 drinks, and a few red-headed sluts - and I DIDN'T DRINK! I had cranberry and seltzer. Madd simple about life, and I felt a hott mess. I'm so done with going out. I seriously am.

So yeah, thats it. Haha...OHHHH, purchase Janet's new single, "Make Me" on iTunes today!

Night, loves.

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