Sunday, October 4, 2009

HOORAY, For Margaritas!!!

Something many don't know about me is that I get weird cravings like a pregnant woman. They come, and sometimes when I'm lucky they go. Today was not one of those days where the craving just went away.

I woke up knowing that I wanted some type of Mexican food. A quesadilla, chips and salsa, taco, something! I remembered that at Riverside (one of the malls nearby) that there was a rosa Mexicana. When I looked up the menu it just didn't do it for me. It seemed a little to extravagant for what I wanted. It wasn't that deep that I had to spend $30 on a know. I then remembered there was a Chevy's in the area as well...and that's where Wil and I headed!

Talk about relief! Complimentary chips and salsa (homemade salsa..yum!), chicken and shrimp fajitas, and OF COURSE a margarita! BONUS! It was just what I needed after a long week of slaving myself at that job of mine where I fold my life away and count money a million times.

Perfect ending to a long week! Now time for a new one. Fresh one. Yes. Later.

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