Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kill or be killed?

Answer: Kill.

Unfortunately, I chose to be killed. I got layed-off on Monday (womp-womp). it took a couple of days for me to talk about it because it really hurt me. I didn't think it would get to me, but it did - it really did. I was told that I "lacked motivation and passion" and that "my productivity level wasn't up-to-par with company standards". That's complete bullshit. What am I suppose to walk around cheesing all the time while folding down tables of shirts? As far as my productivity goes, I had great sales in there...AND good UPT (units per transaction).

I know deep down it was just to get out the non-follower and bring in the friend to take my position. As crazy as it sounds it sucks not to be a kiss-ass sometimes. It also sucks to fuck with me. Karma is a bitch. That's all I'll say about that. But get rid of me because I really didn't do my job, not because you didn't train me how to do my job and I wasn't meeting YOUR standards. If I was at least trained in my position and I slacked off then I would understand, but my SM didn't ever take the time out to properly train me. I was often left to improvise in many situations when I couldn't get that assistance I wanted. In the end, whats done is done. I will just move on, but will never forgive her.

Thank God BBW still loves me...question is do I still love it enough to go back...

One thing I did learn from this was to always speak up when something is wrong. Regardless of the situation. Its not snitching when your job is in question...but I'd rather know very little than too much. That way I can clear my name out of anything. Its better to have no news than any at all, sometimes.

TANGENT: I need to change my banner and colors..this bright stuff is making me annoyed. Lol.

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