Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello, December.

Its freaking December, already. Like wtf?!

Nothing new and exciting has happened to me over the past few days. All I've been doing is working, cleaning up at home, decorating, shopping (I can't stay out of Target to save my life), and just thinking a lot. Unfortunately, we will be moving in March *sigh*. I really, REALLY, really love this apartment. I don't want to leave it at all. I constantly have to tell myself over and over again that we weren't going to stay here forever. Its just so hard because I am so attached. But I must admit, I am looking forward to the change. We've had some shitty luck in this place, not to mention its not the most convenient area to live in. You have to walk about 8-9 blocks (12 min walk) everyday to get to the bus stop. I walk this almost everyday. NOT FUN! Its about 9-10 mins for me, 15 for everyone else actually. I walk like a true New as all hell. At least if we move to my old city, we'll be in the center of everything...oh the life! So that's one bit of excitement, I guess.

I've decided to share some pics of Macy's in NYC from this past weekend. There's nothing like New York in the winter...especially around Christmas. Its so damn festive. I must say everyone should make a trip into the city during this time to see the tree, the lights, the parks (Central/Bryant), the people, the food, the shopping!

That's Macy's huge "Believe" lit logo on the 7-level shopping store (YES! 7-Levels of shopping amazingness).

That's a skating rink that was made in the center of Bryant Park (where Fashion Week is held). The guy in orange is one of the guards, and the woman (yeah, that's a woman) in the beige coat is standing next to a man...her now fiancé! He proposed to her on the ice that effin sweet! (boooo!)

That's the good shit you see in New York!

How did this turn into an "I love NY" blog?! Bye to myself! Well, I'm off to bed. Those candles aren't going to sell themselves tomorrow. I'm glad to be back at BBW, but at the same time I feel like I played myself. I really hope my luck looks upwards soon. Adios.

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