Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Xtina Better WEEERRK! :-x

Like many Christina Aguilera fans, I have anxiously...yet, patiently waiting for her new album to be released. All of her fans have been dying to hear a new single, see a new picture that has something to do with the new album, know a release date. FINALLY, the time has come! Christina, like always, has pulled out all the stops with the cover for her new single, "Not Myself Tonight" with her very sexxy, devilish look. I don't know what else to say but "Bitch better do it!" HAH! I looooove it!

Everyone, go head over to ChristinaAguilera.com tomorrow at 12PM (Noon) to hear the new single. It will be released then! YAYYYY!
OMGosh! I cannot wait! I've been really hoping that Christina would give the fans something crazy, and hott...I think she is sure to satisfy all of her fans and then some just by the looks of that single cover. *EXCITEMENT Everywhere* HAHA!

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