Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Why Did I Get Married Too?"

In case you aren't aware, I am a huge Janet Jackson fan and I support everything she does and will always even if it sucks pure ass. And like many Janet fans, I took my happy ass to the movie theater to see, "Why Did I Get Married Too?" It was definitely worth seeing. The only thing is that there are a few scenes that come off a little cheesy. I know some people say that its "great", or I've seen "corny". I feel that "cheesy" is a more befitting word to describe a few scenes. There is one scene that I will say is beyond CHEESY and so...I don't even know the word. All I'll say is that its in s hospital, and it includes hugs...smh. So fake.

Overall, the movie was good. I liked it a lot. There's humor, there's sadness, there's anger - a bit of everything. BUT, very random...there is one scene with the women on their annual vacation, and they are having a spa date. Why is it that the "bigger" girls are getting pedis and the "thinner" ones are gettin massages?! Just something I noticed. Doesn't mean a thing to everyone else, but to me it DID! Why can't a big girl get a massage? They need rub downs, too! Hmph!

Go see this movie. Its great! -ONE last thing. Jill Scott's lace fronts are so much better in this movie! Very realistic. Wet and wavy, and a loose curl. Cute. (My 2 closest female friends are hair-oholics...I know it all). Later.

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deonte' k said...

LMAO @ the big girls and small girls thingy lol.... I did notice that... the movie was pretty good, I agree with most of what u said. ;)