Friday, April 9, 2010

Wisful Thinking: Clubs

You know, I really wish that there still was a nightclub in the city from back in the day. Now, when I say "back in the day" I mean the 20's-50's. That was definitely the time period to be 18 and over, and going out to have a good time! I feel like all we have today are these wack clubs where everyone is booty shaking, groping, pill-popping, getting it on in bathroom stalls, and falling over drunk. It's just a mess.

Since I lack a social life, I'm here (on a Friday night) reading about Lena Horne and Dorothy Dandridge on Wikipedia just wishing that I could have experienced seeing ladies like that take the stage. I came across this part about the Cotton Club, in New York where Lena Horne took the stage for the very first time as a chorus girl. Also, I read up on the original Latin Quarter before it was shut down, and reopened; shut down and reopened; shut down and reopened; shut down and renamed/reopened; shut down and reopened with the original name with a twist: "LQ's." The other one was the famous Copacabana - amazing!

Why is it that we can't have places like these, today? I know part of it has to do with money, and that getting celebrities or performers to come and perform costs SOOOO MUCH money today. Also, the people that go out today don't seem to take care of the places they go to. Some do, but some definitely don't. I just wish there was a place where a Gaga could do a set one night, then Janet the next, or an Erykah, followed with an aspiring or up-and-coming singer/songwriter. At this place you would hear amazing performers do their sets, and also enjoy the company of friends over drinks and conversation. Plus, there wouldn't be any crazy groupie action going on or fans rushing the stage to attack the perosn performing. UGGHHHH! How I wish this could happen.

Enough with my boring Friday night random thoughts. I'm sorry for those that actually read this thinking it was important. But I'm such a wishful thinker.

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