Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The New American Idol Is...JANET!

I just had to blog about my happiness! Janet Jackson performed on American Idol tonight and killed it! She looked amazing, sounded amazing, and the performance...amazing! Janet really worked the stage with her new short-do slicked back, while strutting in a skin tight black catsuit with lace cut-outs along the sides. It was great to just hear her sing LIVE to her classic "Again", and follow with her current single, "Nothing" from her latest movie Why Did I Get Married Too? She then closed out with a funky-rocked out rendition of "Nasty" where the live part of the vocals got questionable...except for the talking parts and the "I'm not a prude..."-part. Overall, amazing!

Christina Aguilera performed as well doing the ending of "Fighter" with contestants, and a song called "You Lost Me" off of her soon to be released Bionic. Her vocals...SICK! Her hair...umm.."editorial". Great night for Idol...well...for ME!

OHHHH! I hope they put the performances on iTunes tomorrow. UGH! I'm exicted. Such a Later.

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