Thursday, August 19, 2010

Change Ain't Always Good.

A few months ago, a new Store Manager was transferred to our store to take the place of our old Store Manager whom had been transferred out. Her transfer was done in order to impliment change in our store, and "turn it around". It was allegedly a mess, and needed some rejuvinating - if you will. Long story short, the change was good in the sense that the associates finally got on their game. The bad is that the Store Manager's ways...I guess that is the best way I can word it - her ways seem to have pushed the management team over the edge. You can't complain about what is being done right. It just doesn't make any sense. When you're a store Manager, your management is your right hand. You treat these people with respect, and you build them with coaching - not talking to them in a condescending manner. The result is that one of...if not our best Manager is leaving the company. Now I feel like there is no reason to go to work anymore. Who is going to give me shit for not taking out the garbage? Who will tell others that I can't work fridays because of my morning haircuts? Beauty matters! Who will pump through the store fiercely with that slick NY edge in some heels, crisp slacks, cute little blazer, and hair pulled back tight into a bun?! UGHHH!

Adios, Lauren! We'll miss you, TERRIBLY! *hugs*


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