Monday, June 17, 2013

"I Love Being Single"

Lately, I've come across many people saying that they "love being single." Somehow I find this hard to believe. I feel that anyone that would love being single is either someone who has yet to fall in love or someone who is incapable of maintaining a relationship (IE: cheater, bad communicator, serial dater).

I can't seem to understand why anyone wouldn't want to be in a relationship. There's nothing better than hearing that person's voice before bed and waking up to them. If you're lucky, seeing them before you shut your eyes and seeing them when you open them (or a text in this day and Maybe I'm old fashion, but I enjoy cooking for the guy I'm with. Seeing his face when I walk in from work. Watching our favorite tv shows together. Arguing over where to eat that night, because neither one of us wants to compromise. That's what it's all about. Having someone on your side to support you no matter what. That one person you trust with your life and vice versa. We all want that. So why yearn for the single life?! Are you that greedy or is it that you're just selfish? I feel like asking these people that. And as cheesy as it sounds, life is too short not to experience what it's like to fall in love. It's been 2 months since losing him, and even though we broke up months before I still miss being there for him. Anyone at this moment. I love, love!

It's time that every single person gets their minds right and realize that life isn't all about being alone. I understand many don't have their shit together add would rather be by themselves until that happens. I get that. But don't let a good thing pass you by. Sometimes you must take a chance. Don't be afraid to love or maybe be loved.

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