Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baby Steps: Amerie, "Why R U"

I've been an Amerie fan since the beginning, but it seems like she ALWAYS misses the mark with something. She gets a pass for her debut, and I really did enjoy her second album. "Touch" was a very good follow up to her debut, but with poor promotion it didn't seem to do a thing as far as sales go. Her third album, "Because I Love It"...exactly...WHAT?! HUH?! Yeah, people! There IS a third album. And it was actually decent. Its a very fun and flirty effort to try and separate her from the R&B ladies we see today (i.e. Beyoncé, Keyshia, Monica). It's a mix of her signature go-go style (horns and shit), pop, with some dance and that r&b/hip-hop flare we all love and enjoy.

Finally, she's reemerged with a new album in the works, featuring her new single, "WHY R U". The first time I heard this track I simply turned it off like 15 seconds into it. I just wasn't buying it. Then I heard another possible track somewhere else and that was even worse. I was beginning to lose hope for the girl. Finally, the video premieres and I was in love all over again. The song is actually not bad at all. And although, the video is a performance video (aka..easy way out of thinking of a concept) its really good! She looks amazing, and her voice sounds on-point on the track.

So for that I say kudos to you, Amerie! We all have something that I can say we can look forward to since "1 Thing"! Its about damn time!

Enjoy, "WHY RU" and "Gotta Work"

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