Thursday, July 30, 2009

A New Beginning...

I got a new job! YAYYY!

Today, I went on an interview for a store I don't even remember applying to. Thing is, I applied a while ago, and I just heard back from them now being that they are finally opening this coming month. After talking with the Assistant Manager, and later the Store Manager they decided to bring me onboard as their Keyholder! Its so exciting and pleasing to know that someone sees and recognizes talent and wants to give me a chance. I am super thrilled.

The downside to all of this is that I will have to leave BBW (Bath & Body Works). I have been in that store for almost 4 years in September. I also did worked with them seasonally prior to that. So About 5 years of work. Its so crazy to think that I am leaving. I will definitely miss it.

Here's to new beginnings...and goodbye to a fun past! (with ups and downs...but much love for it)

GO BUY THIS NOW! BBW is having its handsoap event. This one makes your hands smell so nice, and feel so soft! The scent is light, but its there and really tolerable. Unisex as well! Enjoy!

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