Monday, September 14, 2009


Clearly, I can't sleep...but now I'm SUUUUPPPPPPPPEEERRR EXCITED ABOUT LIFE!

Janet released a new song titled, "Make Me" on her website following her VMA's performance. The song is available following a link after you sign up for her mailing-list.

Now to the best part...SHE'S OLD SCHOOL JANET AGAIN! OMGGGGGGGG!!!!!!

Janet fans are about to be UBER pleased with this! She sounds great saying, "make me move..." and something about "groove.."...I don't know. I was too busy dancing to listen to the actual lyrics or the read the lyrics (also available on her website). And she does the scatting that she used to do back in the day. She sounds soooo amazing. Its a fun up-tempo track with a really funky pop/r&b beat. She gave us a preview of Old-school Janet on Discipline with songs like "Rollercoaster" and "2nite". This song takes the cake!

GO to, NOW!

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