Monday, September 14, 2009

VMA's 2009!

OH, what a night it was at Radio City Music Hall in beautiful NYC!

Tonight took place the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards...and boy was it a great show! Its about damn time MTV brought the awards back to New York. All that Vegas, Miami, LA shit had to stop. New York is where they need to be. ALWAYS, and forever. So lets just get to it...

Pink's performance was very creative. I enjoyed it. Her very acrobatic version of "Sober" definitely had my stomach turning in fear that she would hit the floor with her face, and strong man arms. But I enjoyed it. Nice dress...Shakira agrees!

I'm not this huge Taylor Swift fan, but I must admit I have sang a few of her songs in the shower before (I have a shower radio...and its hard to escape her songs). But I was not surprised and also pleased that she received Best Female Video. She deserved it. Shame on those that disagree. Grow up. Plus her performance of "You Belong With Me" was cute.

Maybe its just me but I expected more out of Jay-Z's performance. The simplicity was nice but yeah...and Lil' Mama?! Okay, tho.

Lady GaGa...ohhhh, Lady Ga-Gaaa. I loved her "Paparazzi" rendition. Faux blood works for you my dear. And overall, nice touch with Kermit!

Sasha Fierce did what she did best in true Rockette style! Very appropriate for the venue. i just can't deal with the, "WAIT!..."

Beyoncé (we all know they are two different people) looked amazing. Simple for once, without messing something up. But she won major brownie points with bringing taylor back on stage to accept her award that the Big Bad Crybaby wouldn't let her have.

Kanye...go to bed. Its so sad. Seriously.

Great show overall. I am super excited that MTV brought the awards back to New York. And also, to bring Madonna out for that speech...nice touch. Janet Jackson was also the best thing they could have done for that opening. She killed it! A song that they have never done together, yet in spirit he was there. She did her part to remember her brother, and although short it is memorable. Amazing performance.

Hope you all didn't miss it. Can't wait for tomorrow's news on it and the Big Bad Crybaby. Nite all!

we <3 MJ

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