Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I was dreading going into work today knowing that I had a huge floor move to do. That all changed about 25 seconds after sitting in the car whne we turned to Z100 and I heard the horns go off for...LADY GAGA! What a pleasant surprise!

She was on the Elvis Duran show to talk about her up-coming "Monster Ball" Tour, and of course The Fame Monster...which is her sophomore effort - NOT a re-release. She also talked about her collaboration with Beyoncé, what she'll do for Halloween, SNL w/ Madonna, and even the leakage of her songs. Overall, the interview was about 30-plus mins of amazingness! Its seriously refreshing to have an artist such as Gaga that is so left of the middle and does her own thing. The closest our generation has had to someone of this nature would be Christina Aguilera. But that's just my opinion. They both do their own thing, and do it very well. No apologies or resistance. Gaga, though takes it one step above making her own identity in every aspect both visually and musically. And beyond her singing, there is a voice and a message - one of equality, self-expression, individuality, and ambition. The girl is fucking amazing. Hands down.

I love how this turned into the "i love Gaga" entry. But I feel she is truly amazing in every way. And male or female, I love people like that. I wouldn't call it so much "different" - she's truly being herself. I like that. I admire that.

Anywho, here is a pic of Lady Gaga @ the show. Listeners were texting the show, "what is she wearing?" They joked about her ensemble saying it must be her equivalent to her mother's house coat. That's if you call a white Valentino gown with metallic-gold accents a house coat...Hmm. But seriously, a gown at 7 AM for a radio show interview?! WITH a train!!! Loves her.

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