Tuesday, November 3, 2009

80's Craze!

I went into Saturday without any idea of what I was going to be until Wil and I got to thinking really hard...THE 80's! :-) I love the 80's. I often say I wish I was older in the 80's to enjoy the fashion, music, and all of the fun times people had back then. Unfortunately, I was just a baby. So Halloween was the perfect day to kind of revisit such a fun time in fashion history.

I decided to go all out (with like 3 hours to shop in the mall...ugh) and get tons of accessories, color pieces of clothing, etc. I wound going to XXI and getting these girl jeans (so..*snaps*) that were like a grey tie-dye look with this cool torn look, and this silver leaf chain. From there we headed to H&M and I got a scarf (didn't wear it) and this funky splashed flourescent painted racer-back tee from the girls section. I got some accessories from Claires, like my gloves and belt, and bracelets and bandana from HotTopic. There's also this random costume jewelry store in the mall with cheap shit for lots of money, so I found one $5.99 necklace that was perfect. The wig was from Wil's costume at work, and the shades were from a sunglass stand. Chucks - MINE! Overall, about $100...UGH! - well spent since I LOOOOOVVVVED the costume. But honestly, the whole make-up thing wa super annoying. Having to worry about fucking up my eyeliner and blush got really annoying REALLY quick. I had to clean up a lot in the mirror.

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