Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lack Of A Heartbeat!

Yesterday, all I could think about was leaving work...even before getting to work! I felt this way because I knew right after work I was heading to Garden State to go to BestBuy and get my new headphones. I am a HUGE music lover, and I LIVE for bass and good beats. I like to feel my music in my skin. I like to hear a beat that is pulsating through the headphones, into my ears, and into my soul. I NEED GOOD HEADPHONES! So I decided instead of getting Dr. Dre's extra pricey BEATS by Dr. Dre, I'd get something more affordable and fashionable. I bought myself a pair of HEARTBEATS by Lady GaGa. WASTE of my money in my opinion.

The look is really cute, and shiny. They make you very excited at first glance. They come with 2 different size "buds" - I would call them, for your ears. I replaced the bigger ones they come with, with the smaller ones in the little shiny carrying case they give you to carry your earphones in. Of course to test them out I put on songs I felt had really good bass and beats (i.e. : "LoveGame", "Rock With U", "Don't Stop The Music"). While listening to the songs I found myself adjusting the earphones to my ears way too much. I kept playing with them as they were in my ear, moving them around and pushing them...pulling them out a little. Maybe its just ME, but I was not comfortable at all. I don't really like them. I tried listening to music with them again before bed, and it wasn't working. So tomorrow they are going back and I'll look into something else around the same price. I expected more, but like I said it could just be ME. We'll see tomorrow what I find.

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