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Au Revoir, 2009...Konnichiwa, 2010!

It is time for all of to say farewell to good ol' 2009. T'was an amazing year, 2009, filled with lots and lots of ups. But where there are ups, there are always downs. From me getting a new job, to losing that new job; 2009 had its fair share. Yet, instead of dwelling on all of the bad, I'd much rather leave it where it is (in the past) and talk about all of the good. All of the good that happened in 2009, and all of my favorites from the year are far more interesing than anything negative that happened. The thing is that there's so much that I'm sure where to begin. Let's break it down:


The music industry was turned upside-down this year with record sales decreasing for artists that are usual top sellers (DIVAS: Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey), and new/breakthrough artists having phenominal success (Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Susan Boyle). I definitely must say this was a great year in music. I bought a bunch of cd's, purchased lots of singles off of iTunes, and YES I got some tunes from some reliable sources that shall remain unnamed (NOT Limewire..HAH!) Anywho, I wanted to breakdown my top 5 Faves in music...Albums of 2009, and Videos. I love too many artists to just say my favorite Artists. Its much easier with albums and videos, because some people failed to DELIVER! And I will say my let downs! HMPH!


5. Whitney Houston - I LOOK TO YOU
I will say this first, that this was definitely her label playing it safe. But I have to say that safe worked. It would have been too much for them to throw her out there with some crazy power ballad with vocals all over the place. She isn't where she used to be vocally, but she gave it her all and tried. When she performs the singles live she gives her ALL...have you seen that woman sweat for an applause?! Give Whitney some credit please. I loved the album. It was mature, it was fun, and it showed that she's in a much better place proving her critics wrong. Whitney proved that she is a survivor and that its possible get rid of old habits. *Applause* I commend anyone that is willing to give it a try and put themselves first when the situation is really sticky. Bobby-Kristina should be loving her mom-dukes!

4. Katy Perry - ONE OF THE BOYS
This may have come out in 2008, but Katy kept the singles dropping into '09. A few artists had some work transition from one year to the next. This album is still pumping on my iPod. I LOOOOVE "Mannequin". "How do I get closer to you/when you keep it all on mute?/how do I know the right way to love you?" I've asked myself these same damn questions before in a relationship...and that's one of the reasons why we broke up (hmph!)...anyway! This album is just filled with goodness, and for myself, Katy Perry was like a breath of fresh air. It wasn't until I heard "Thinking Of You" for the first time that I noticed how fucking amazing this girl really is! I didn't jump on the girl-on-girl kissing-bandwagon that everyone else was sooooo excited about. It was like a gimmick or something to me for attention. But nonetheless she's a great artist and writes some really good material. Kudos, Katy!

3. The-Dream - LOVE VS. MONEY
This one may come as a shock to people...well friends of mine. I gave this album a fair chance when my friend Jonathan let me copy it into my iTunes. I had a day off and was going to the barbershop and would have a long trip home. So I decided to play it on my little journey to and from. I listened to it from beginning to end. I didn't skip one track because I honestly wanted to give it a fair chance to see if I would become a 'Dream fan. The conclusion to this is that this is a really good album. It is VERY over-sexed even for me, but it is a really good album. The production is amazing. The beats, the extra little effects in the background like the echoing at the end of "Rockin' That Sh**" into the "Walkin' On The Moon" like you're stuck in this weird outerspace time warp-hall-like space. Its really good. I agree with The-Dream, production alone he deserved a Grammy nomination.

2. Rihanna - RATED R
If Jonathan EVER reads this he will be ALL UP IN MY FACE! He'd probably hit me in my arm like I hit him all the time. Haha. He'd say, "Ohh, BITCH! I fucking told ya' ass that shit was fiyah!" YES! I did say, "fiyah"..why he says that word, I have no fucking clue. But I remember going with him to Target on Nov. 23rd to get the new releases and I bought GaGa, Adam Lambert, Jay Sean (he's yummy), Shakira (I was feeling very Colombian), and Rihanna. I'm super big on music and I read reviews, check the charts to see how well the work is performing, and I read through other articles. Everyone was very iffy about this album. Perez Hilton, who loves him some "Princess RiRi" wasn't too thrilled with the "darker and edgier" direction that his favorite little Princess was going in. He found himself not liking a lot of what was being released prior to the album dropping. Like him, I found myself hesitating as well. I remember Jonathan saying, "should i even buy a copy of this shit?" I told him that we should give it a fair chance! I am a wise man. Haha..I say this because I think too many people are focused on minimal details when it comes to this album. So maybe there are a few profane words here and there, and maybe a gunshot *bap-bap* or two. Yes, the album jacket is a little risque (genius, if you ask me), but this all sounds TOO familiar. This is Rihanna's STRIPPED, her VELVET ROPE, or even her MISSUNDAZTOOD. When Christina Aguilera came out with "Dirrty" and everyone bashed her for her scantily clad/barely there ensembles it soon went away when people realized that she could actually sing and that it was just for the performance. She proved that giving the music a chance would show you that there is more to offer. Had I not bought STRIPPED I wouldn't have heard great songs like "Cruz" or "Loving Me 4 Me". With Rated R I wouldn't have even known "Stupid In Love" existed. TRUST ME...Its worth your money. I love the record. Its a top favorite because its not only edgy, but its deeper than her previous work with a lot more meaning. I respect her vulnerability. And the album jacket is fucking sick! Ellen Von Unwerth...LOVES HER!

1. Lady GaGa - THE FAME
Some people would expect me, or anyone to choose THE FAME MONSTER over THE FAME. I chose THE FAME because she is still only one single into the new album, and THE FAME is wrapped up for now. I don't see MONSTER as a re-release at all. When I listen to both they sound like two completely different pieces of work. They have few things alike. But I love this album. I think it was pure fun, and genius. Its like she took what fans think is so glamourous and amazing, and what many yearn for and showed us that sometimes its not all fun and games. HELLO! Have you not seen the the video for "Paparazzi" or even the VMA performance. The songs are also just all amazing and catchy, not to mention the metaphors withing the lyrics and deeper meanings. I can't imagine 2009 without "LoveGame". I stomped in the shower EVERY TIME I heard it on the radio as I washed. I felt like I was on stage with her; with a disco-stick (not like that you dirrty fucks) of my own. I remember being at the cluub (pronounced blend it together) and they played "PokerFace" and I did that little circle around the face motion she does in the video during the chorus. She really made this a very interesting year, and is carrying it on into 2010. I canNOT wait! 20GAGA!
Amerie - IN LOVE AND WAR: If you haven't bought it, trust me it is worth the listen. She really gives you something to look forward to on this album.

Shakira - SHE WOLF: I didn't know why I bought it that day, but was very, VERY glad that I did! Its super FUN!

Trey Songz - READY: I did this one for Christina and Yolanda...they love it. I'm buying it. I like that "Say AH" song. I bounce to it.

I will just post the videos I liked from this year. They are all self explanatory in my opinion. All very unique, but amazing.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - HEADS WILL ROLL





Ciara ft. Missy Elliott - WORK: Fun song, and a really good music video. Too bad her label didn't release it as a single in America. It would have been the only hit off of that wack album.

Janet Jackson - MAKE ME:
A good, fun dance track that a simple stripped down video to match. Going back to basics on the track and video really worked for Janet.

Beyoncé - DIVA:
I just like the video. That's all.

My Music let-downs just make me so mad when I think about them. Ciara's FANTASY RIDE was NOT that great...or good. Mariah's MEMOIRS OF AN IMPERFECT ANGEL is a good album. The videos were horrible, though. Even though Mariah isn't this huge "video artist" she didn't used to disappoint the way she is lately. And Leona Lewis...WE GET IT! You are a great singer, but you bore me to death! Make something happier, but not a song called "Happy" that is so ballad-like and generic.

As far as good things from this year, I'm super excited about the new healthcare plan President Obama is putting into action. The man is trying people. He can't work miracles. I'd give him a hug if I met him. I think he needs one. I also am glad that the new equality rights thing is being put into action as well. Whether I am for it or not, everyone deserves the right to get married. Who are we to say who can or cannot get married. But I will say I will NOT be surprised if the divorce rate goes up. I have come across many gay men that one day they are head over heals in love, and a week later they were in the cluub and met the penis of their dreams and that guy they were in love with last last week. Its sad, but its a true thing in this community. So people MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND STICK WITH IT! Love is not to be tampered with. Its not a game. Some of us take it BACK OFF OF A TAKEN FELLA! Sorry..vented a lil' bit. ;-) This year also some unexpected/shocking passings of some amazing people. The late, great Michael Jackson passed away...the fucking King Of Pop! It still boggles my mind and feels like its not true. But his music shall live on forever. I was jamming to "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" with Althea last summer..and now he's gone. Crazy, man. Farrah Fawcett also passed away, an original CHARLIE's ANGEL. Brittany Murphy just passed away almost 2 weeks ago, and that still sounds crazy saying out loud. It just doesn't seem real or make any sense. Then again does someone passing ever make sense?! May they all rest in peace, and everyone else that passed this year. You'll all be missed.

I am really looking forward to the new year. I want to do a lot of change this year. Almost like a life renovation. I've managed to weave out all of the bad seeds in 2009, and whats left are true friends. It pleases me to know that the few people left are those that do care about me, and I cherish these people terribly. I care about them as well and would do what ever I could to be there for them...its kind of an unspoken fact between us. I want to try to do school this year to further my career goals, find a new job in addition to BBW, and get my body, build, etc. I'm not into the gym thing, but I can eat better, and maybe stretch...push-up or something. Haha. I also want to say that my New Years Resolution is to be focused of my future, and STOP biting my nails. UGH! So hard for me..these nails of mine. I need to quit already. I want pretty dominican man nails. Have you seen a dominican man's nails? OMGosh they are so nice! Jealous!

This is ends my 2009 blog. I will miss this year filled with lots of up and downs, but the ups will live on forever in my heart, mind, iPod, and soul. Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, and has subscribed to it. You guys are the fucking best! God bless you all, and I wish you all a very safe, healthy and happy NEW YEAR! AND a GREAT 2010! *hugs* :-)

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