Monday, December 28, 2009


Bath & Body Works' huge Semi-annual SALE started, yesterday. Its only been one day in our store, and I already want it to be over. Scratch that...I wanted it to be over last week before it started. Customers are just so annoying during sale. I get that everyone wants a bargain, and that people are trying to spend the least amount possible during a sale...BUT COME ON NOW! Don't be cheap! If its 50% off, and its originally $12.50-now $6.25...that's a bargain. Don't throw it back and say that's not worth. If that is the case then get the hell out of the store and don't bring your cheap ass back until you get your cheap ass act together. UGH...people.


To end an "ehh.." day, going to din din with Christina and Yolanda. I miss YollieBird! She has finally returned from being a west coast head for the past few years. Cali isn't for all of us YOLLIE! Hoping to have a good night out. Adios.

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