Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sherlock Holmes.

Amanda and I have been wanting to see Sherlock Holmes since we first saw the preview for it at the movie theater a while back. So on this very sunny, Sunday we decided to head to Clifton Commons and see the movie. I must say that I was afraid I was going to waste my money, seeing as how a few of the movies I've seen lately always have something in the movie that turned me off...mostly, a blah ending.

The movie was effin AMAZING! I loved it! It is definitely worth the money. I feel that everyone should go and see it. The best part, for me at least is that they left it with somewhat of an open ending so that there may be a part 2! It was seriously a great film. I loved the late nineteeth, early twentieth century period that the story is based in. The horses and cobble stones, thick layered garments, top-hats, rugged amazing. I love it. I can't say enough good things about the movie. Its one of those movies where everything that is said or done in th emovie makes sense, and plays with Holmes keen mind in how he tries to solve crimes.
I know that it was a little mixed on reviews with the critics, but I feel that Sherlock Holmes is an interesting must see. There's a good story line in this movie. And its not as predictable as i expected. That alone was great to me. So GO SEE IT.


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