Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Its seems like there has been way too much negative going on in my life lately. It has also trickled down into my relationship, work, health, and lord only knows what else.

It started in November with losing my job at US Polo. Although, I expected that to happen (the store wasn't bringing in much money - so either I was going to leave for that or my SM disliking me) it was still a shocker. Then APPARENTLY some of us are still stuck in the early 90's and someone stole our car. YAY US! the good thing is that the car was found, BUT we had to pay a bunch to get it out of the tow yard PLUS get it fixed. Not to mention the fact that its Christmas, and I had gifts to buy for family, friends, and others close to me. the car situation put me behind on my finances and now I have a few things in my name that are behind. And to put the cherry on top; I've had a toothache for the past 4 days which led to a nice holiday visit to the the Dentist...WITHOUT INSURANCE (damn US Polo)! So I had to pay out of pocket to find out a root canal isn't possible and I'm getting tooth #19 pulled tomorrow. Yay Me! And that is to cost about $300.

I honestly can not take it anymore; so much to the point that I had a mild breakdown/breakthrough today. Sometimes, I swear if it weren't for Wil being such an amazing fucking back-bone...I don't know what I would do or where I would be. He is like the best ever in life. I just really wish that things would turn around for us. Its really weird how a streak of bad luck just hit us. And the things have gotten progressively worse. But they always get worse before they get better. Kind of like my tooth. From pain to Dentist visit, a non-salvage able tooth to it being pulled. UGH! But I'm really hoping for the best tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

I'm going to go watch "Teen Mom" now. I loooooove this show! I shall blog abou tmy pain tomorrow. Ohhh, the anticipation. *scrunches face*

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