Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Show Me Your TEETH!

Returned from the Oral Surgeon about an hour ago. So far I am still super numb on the lower left side of my mouth. My bottom lip is also numb on the left side and feels very weird when I touch it. The Doctor put some gauze in my mouth to sop up any excess blood (I know, TMI), and gave me extras for when I rinse. The best part of this whole experience is knowing that I won't have that constant throbbing pain anymore (at least i hope not...). I can finally chew gum on both sides of my mouth and food. Yes, it was that bad. So let me tell you how this happened today:

1. Showed up at doctors office to do paperwork (duh)
2. After waiting a few mins, I was escorted to the "room"
3. I waited with the assistant for the Doctor to come and introduce himself and explain the procedure.
4. The Doctor puts a numbing gel on my gum to place the needle in for anesthesia. The Doctor leaves.
5. Doctor returns to check up on anesthesia, and realizes I need more. Doctor leaves.
6. Doctor returns and starts checking my mouth to see how numb I am. Puts more anesthesia, and lets it set for a few mins.
7. Doctor starts up again and (I think) put another shot of anesthesia in and begins cracking the tooth.
8. Doctor prides himself with, "I am so good at my job!" and continues breaking the tooth for removal.
9. Doctor finds everything he needs to remove and proceeds with stitching. All the while, the assistant is sucking all of the saliva and blood out of my mouth.
10. I get stitched up and gauze-filled.
11. Before I am escorted to the reception area, I am sat down to pay, sign, and the front desk explains to me what is to happen next as far as how I care for it at home, and so on.

Its just really comforting to know that it is finally comes the aftermath. This would include the sight of blood, which I hate so much...also the pain! Amen, to Vicodin! I took one already just so that when the numbing has subsided I will have the vicodin in my system already in action.

UPDATE: PAIN COMING THROUGH! Getting a little worried. I'm badd with pain...

Until next time.

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