Thursday, February 11, 2010


I decided to go on before heading to bed, when I came across this post about a man from Springfield, Mass. that thought it would be a smart idea to steal 75 bottles of lotion from a Bath & Body Works.

The sad part about this story is that it happens all of the time.

I work for a BBW, here in NJ. Our store is what they call a "side-by-side" where its 2 store into one (there's an opening in the middle where you can go from either side). One side is "Bath & Body Works", and the other is "White Barn Candle Co." I am always in the WWBC where the traffic is usually much slower, whereas BBW is always very steady...if not busy.

Just this past week we had this pair of theives walk in and steal loads of product off of our front table. Even though the Managers kept an eye on them, company policy is that we can't really "confront" them when stealing (I know I shouldn't talk about this but its the truth). But we HAVE WAYS! Hah. In the end, the pair made away with our merchandise. But they didn't get too far, thanks to our Managers being on top of their shit and calling mall security as soon as they walked out of the store.

It turns out they had things from our store as well as a few other stores. And once the cops booked them, they were locked up.

So long story short, don't steal. And lotion of all things? I mean SERIOUSLY?! Are we that desperate to de-ash our knees and elbows? And girls, stop stealing lip gloss! So tacky.

Okay, I'm going to bed. It may be all "blizzarded" outside, but I still have to sell those candles.


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