Thursday, February 18, 2010

OKAY, tho?!

I have a friend that is really dear to Me. I've known him for about 4 years now, and through these years we've had some differences and one falling out. This falling out came from his constant need of attention, and I'm kind of a loner at times. Two totally different personalities that clashed, but we've worked through it and found ways to make it work. I love him. He's one of my best, and dearest friends.


Recently, he actually "resurfaced" after his break-up with his now Ex. I must admit, although I am happy to see him and hang with him I still think about how he dropped Me once he got with his man. I know in the "gay lifestyle" (as many say) friends come and go, but there are a few that you keep close to you because they are there through thick and thin. And I have been that way with him, but at times I feel like I don't get the same in return. Besides that, I feel like his need for attention is stronger than ever due to this recent break-up. I also DO NOT agree with his repressed anger and passive aggressive behavior he has had lately with my boyfriend and myself. I understand that people go through things, but there is a way to handle every situation. And if he'd actually confront the situation as it happens instead of waiting until everything blows up in his face and deciding to be reactive, then things would be a lot better.

Today, he seriously disappointed me beyond belief by making a call to my boyfriend and blowing up on him for a mistake that he made himself. If my dear friend would take care of his matters like an adult and quit running his mouth to everyone like he actually cares about their advice, then maybe he'd be able to breathe; not have to worry about anything coming back to his ear. It irks me so much to hear about the same issues day-in and day-out. And to top it off you disrespect the person that has heard you out the most, and given you the most of their time? Its kind of a slap in the face, and a stab in the back.

I still care about this guy, but I question his sincerity sometimes. I don't know if he seriously cares about anyone other than himself at times. Smh.

(NOTE: All of this I have said to his face one time or another. I care too much to let my friend out of my life. There is a story or two behind all of this, but I will not put his business out there. Just wanted to vent about it. Him reading this wouldn't bother me either.)

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