Sunday, February 21, 2010


I was literally just on where I came across his post for Jennifer Lopez performing her "new" song, "What Is Love?" at Italy's San Remo Festival. I watched the video that Perez said Jennifer "lip-synced" her way through...emphasis on lip-synced.

Jennifer Lopez was known to be this amazing dancer, and even though we all knew the woman never sang live; we knew she would give us a damn good performance. Not anymore, my dears. She played herself with a pretty gold hand-mic that she used as a toy to play with and act like she was "singing into". The microphone was simply a glitzy prop, in my opinion. The song is great, in fact it should have been the first single from her forthcoming album, Love?.

The best part of the performance is at the 4:16 mark, where J-Lo bends down to really give her performance and proceeds to "sing strongly" into her pretty gold hand-mic. I just wish someone would have jumped up on stage and smacked the chick while telling her, "BITCH, if you're going to lip-sync, you can't sing the ad-libs that are over the vocals and then try and sing the actual words the next time around." Poor thing. Maybe next time, Slopez. *shrugs*

She looks pretty, her ensemble resembling one of those crazy frocks Janet Jackson would wear on a promo tour. I loves me some Janet, but Janet fans will agree!

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