Friday, March 12, 2010

Blacken Up!


Randomness! Let me tell you how Wil and I were on our way home from dinner, and we were listening to the radio. We had on Hot 97, which anyone in this Tri-state area (NYC/NJ/CT) knows about. We were listening to this DJ mix up a bunch of songs, the last recognizable one being a remix of Rihanna's, "Hard" featuring Lil' Kim. After that they played some random hip-hop track...something about "ice-cream" - can anyone help me out?

The point of the story is once the song started playing, and I didn't know it; I immediately wanted to change the station. So Mr. Smartiepants Wil goes, "I'm sorry, is that too black for you?"


BYE!!! It was not too anything for me. But then he goes on to say, "I think we need to do an exorcism on bring out the black boy deep inside of you." As many don't know, I am mixed; black and colombian. I then asked him why I would need one, with giggles of course. He replies, " have been possessed by a Jewish woman - all she likes to do is listen pop music and shop for bargains!" WTEFF?!

I AM NOT A JEWISH WOMAN! And I don't only shop for bargains. I worked at an outlet mall for 3 months of my life and it just so happened that many of the customers were Jewish women. He feels that I have become one of them. But whatevs. I just thought it was funny.

-slaps Wil

We're even.

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