Sunday, March 14, 2010


It was about 5:35PM, and I was finishing up a REALLY cool banner I was making for my blog when all of a sudden...BAM! Power-outage! Apparently, our whole block is out, and it spans for a few blocks down. From there on the lights are on. Wil and I decided...well, I decided I just couldn't take it anymore. So we headed out for din-din.

On our not-so-lovely drive to Friday's we realized that a lot of our city had lights and that it was very patchy where the lights had gone out. We noticed how the street lights had gone out, as well. But now we are seated at Friday's waiting for our food, and me really needing to pee...but I am blogging. Hmm.

I really hope that when we return home that the lights are back on. Call me crazy, greedy, or whatever...but I cannot function without electricity. Lol. Sad but honest. PLEASE let there be light!

Ok I have to pee BAD now!

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love, keys said...

lol OH MAN!
that reminds me of when i was in the middle of doing an essay and half my city blacked out - with nothing saved!
i love the banner ( if thats the one.. if not i lvoe that one ;)