Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let There Be Light!

The power is back on! I'm super excited. Sooo excited, that I jumped right onto the computer to re-make *exhales* my banner. I hope you all like it. I was very hesistant to do anything with Gaga, because I know so many people ride that girl like there's no tomorrow. So I tried to find pics that I not only loved, but knew no one else would find "pretty". This is pretty to me. Bondage. Lol.

Again, I hope you all like it. And AMEN for electricity!

New music, too! Now dance!

1 comment:

love, keys said...

you have no idea i know nothing about html i cheat the entire system! LOL
i can see why the fuss was made about the banner its HOT! gotta love it <3