Friday, November 19, 2010

New Job.

Tell Me, why I went to my new job training in the city, and I felt like I had walked in to a family reunion?! And anyone that knows Me, knows that my ass stayed uberQUIET! I'm not very talkative when I'm around people that I don't know. I'm not a social butterfly like many others. Especially NOT when I'm tired as hell.

Anywho, I felt like I picked up quite a bit of information on the company and the needs of the company at the meeting. It was very helpful, and what ever I didn't get I have my packet for. I just wish my packet could magically form a clientele list for Me. UGHHH! I am DREADING this whole clientele list, and Facebook garbage. I'm so not interested in Facebook, and having for work is just bonkers to Me. I see where it could come in handy. I just find it to be such a waste for Me. But we shall see how this all plays out. It's just for clientelling and keeping in touch with my clients. Clients...sounds like I work for a whore house or something. That job sounds more fun at this point. Especially, back in the early 1900's. That was a tangent.

I really hope I made the right decision by leaving BBW. I question that since I got Amanda a job there as I am leaving. And the heffa got the lead position. >Insert Angry, Surprised, Talk to the Hand, BBM faces Here< It's my fault. But I am glad I got the position for her. Life goes on, and one day my chance will come my way. Until then, stay positive about it and work my way up.

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