Monday, December 6, 2010

I Dont't Want To Be With You, But I Want You

What's with people breaking up with their significant others and still wanting to be around them sooo much?! I really don't get it. I do recall the period after breaking up with my Ex and saying, "We can still hang out!" I don't know what the fuck that was for...sorry to be so blunt, BUT for real FOR REAL! I'm seeing this now more than ever and its kind of a trend, and not just to be friends; more than friends. You know what I mean!

This whole "friends with benefits" thing has become less than cute lately with people having sex with their Exes. I won't call it hooking up, because in my head hooking up has less attachments. Messing with your Ex just causes a whole bunch of problems down the line. In my opinion, you are leading them on...having them believe that there is either a future between you two, and/or that there are still feelings present. Wounds need time to close, and having sex after a break-up is not the smartest idea. It'll leave the Ex thinking that they can question you at any time about whatever (EXAMPLE: "Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Who is that in the background? Why? Say Werd?!") To not have to deal with any of that just leave the situation be. When you're done; you're done. The end. Give each other the space necessary and do you. If you happen to cross paths in the future then handle that in a mature manner. may be possible, but with substantial time. And that may be very hard to handle for one of you. There is always the possibility that one of you has moved on and it's hard for the other to watch. So think long and hard about what you are doing.

I'm no expert, and this whole post may be a bunch of bullshit to some of you; I just felt the need to say something. I'm seeing this a lot lately with friends and acquaintances, and I've been asked for help. So this is some of what I've told them. Comment if you wish...but I'd like to know how others feel about this.

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deonte' k said...

I totally agree. I felt like this when me and my Ex broke up! he wanted to hang and so on.... I needed my space and took it! Now 8 months later, we are kind of cool and slowly becoming friends.