Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friends, PT 2.

It's times like this where I wish I could be that person--the one that just cuts people off. Completely cut people off, that is. I've given some people chance after chance. And its my fault. If someone does something that pisses you off or offends you once, and you choose to forgive them then you should move on. If they continue to do things that could possibly damage your friendship then that's when you should do something about it. Now if you're Me, and you accept apology after apology, excuse after excuse...well then you're the dumbASS. In this particular sitch...I'm that dumbASS. Lol.

Here are two different situations:

FRIEND 1: We have known one another since we were 17 y/o. We were once the best of friends for a few years...even though we had our many teenage conflicts. At 21, we parted ways and now at 25, we've reconnected. It's been about 9 months or since we've reconnected and we've talked a handful of times. I'm okay with it. My issue is that he's grown to be something he's not. Almost a fake. His friends all come from money, and they also work and make their own money. He has a great job himself, and works hard for everything he has...but you get what I mean. That person that has a chip on their shoulder and acts like he's something he's not. Acting very "uppity" for lack of a better word. You KNOW!! It's like..BooBoo, who are you foolin? Like for real, for REAL?! He likes to act like I don't hit him up, but if I hit you up and I don't hear back from you...then you act like you never got my message? No. But its whatever. I also don't care for that whole, "I don't like the scene...I'm over clubs...I hate the excessive drinking every weekend". Yet every weekend you are on FaceBook (I don't have one, but people insist on showing me posts) saying that you're out drinking, at a club/bar/lounge; sipping a $15 drink; after a $100 dinner; with Tom, Dick, and Bougie. Then the next day you're "drunk and love it..." BYE!

FRIEND 2: I love my little nugget -- HOWEVER...I am truly sick of his shit. Its been years of putting up with excuse after excuse...reason upon reason as to WHY he can't make it to events or even meet up for dinner. I can make plans with him for 3 weeks from now, Today. On that day that we are to meet he'll find a "valid" reason as to why he cannot make it. I understand that shit happens and things come up, but every time? Not to mention that we already have unspoken tention from a few years prior. I never talk about it since I don't want anyone to confuse it for something that its not. I introduced him to my ex (boyfriend at the time) and when we broke up the two of them continued to hang out. Hmm. Some have said that they feel something went down between the two of them. I don't think I want to know. Ever. After about 9 or 10 months of him putting our friendship on the back-burner, he decided it was time to hit me up and apologize. I accepted...blah blah blah. We were cool. Today, that still hangs over my head and his inconsistencies as well. I love him, I really do. I don't that I can put up with his mess anymore.

I seriously need to reevaluate my friends. I know the ones that'll be there for me...Althea, Christina, Jonathan. Love them. A few others as well. But there are those few I question. Friends are supposed to be like an extended family, but many have proven to be more foe than friend.


Deuce said...

I struggle with this too...Sometimes it's just easier to let people that have been in your life for so long (that you've "outgrown") remain there...just because!

It's funny the amount of shit we (general) will put up with from people we "know". The only kind of advice I can give you (not that you're asking for it! haha) is that you'll make the right decision when you feel like it's time.

altheamichelle said...

so maybe irandomly found this post via ur twitter...all after the fact..but yes, i'll always be there *hugs*