Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Obama Gay Marriage Thing

This blog is clearly out of randomness. It's been on my mind and I've been afraid to say anything in reference to it in fear of offending anyone. Also, I'm not that interested in politics whatsoever.

Just a few moments ago, a friend of mine posted something on Facebook (yeah, I finally have one of those...yuck) about Obama and the Trillion+++ dollar deficit that we're in. It was something praising Obama for reducing our country's debt by 2 Trillion dollars. That's absolutely amazing! Hooray for him! Finally, some progress has been made. What sticks in my head though, is this whole gay thing.

I find it completely and utterly hilarious how so many people are so gung-ho "Team Obama" now that he supports Gay Marriage. Now he the year of elections. How fucking convenient. I'm not sure why all of a sudden its something he's willing to back or support, when just 2 years ago he wouldn't really touch the subject. Again, I don't follow politics, so I'm sure he has given a reason as to why he stayed quiet for so long. My issues with it are: 1. Why so late, and why now? 2. Why is everyone NOW backing him?

I just find it be so hypocritical of people to now find him to be THAT guy because he's now okay with Gay Marriage. Should have been from the start regardless of how people see him. Stand for what's right or for what you believe in. Now everyone's ready to vote Obama for the next Election. That's fine, but it should have been for more than just that.

Ughh..whatever. I'm entitled to my opinion and I find it to be very late. Better late than never, but its questionable, in my opinion.


Kandake CimCiptivan said...

Many of these politicians are just controlled by money and biding of their time. He is receiving a lot of backlash from the religious wingnuts though.

also,hope you fave fun with the friendbook. I have never had one or a witta and i dont want one.

Deuce said...

I totally agree with you...and I'm HUGELY into politics. To me, gay marriage is just another thing he's flip flopped on (though this time in our favor?) He's shedding light on it but yet again, only with words. He's just pandering to get votes because its swung (swang? Whatever the word is! Lol) a lot of independants and undecideds over in his favor. The religious right wingers were never going to vote for him anyway.

Enjoy fb! I finally deleted mine about a month ago. 600 some odd "friends" deleted and I've never felt better. Haha