Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making Time.

When getting to know someone or even when involved (relationships/friendships included), communication is key! It doesn't need to be all day, everyday; a chat here and there makes all of the difference. However, when excuses arise such as, "I fell asleep" or "I forgot", etc.; that's when you may start to question that person's level of commitment. Some people are just careless and are only worried about how they feel and not anyone else. It's quite easy to make time for someone. And anyone saying that they can't is pretty much not willing to. It's understandable when life throws you a curve ball, and you are too overwhelmed to deal with others. But communicate that. Don't lead others to believe otherwise.

A constant flow of communication is the best thing in any form of a relationship. And with communication, honesty must also be present. These two factors are what keep relationships healthy and working.

(This post is about my friend.)

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