Wednesday, December 31, 2014


For myself, 2014 was a year of transition: from dependant to responsible for oneself. I am forever grateful to those who were there with me along this roller-coaster of a ride. I must also give thanks to those who have caused me strife this year. Your "teachings" have taught me a lot, and have provided some of the greatest life lessons in dealing with others. I have zero expectations for the year to come, but plan to continue to progress and further myself successfully. I'm open to whatever good may come my way and hope to bring that same greatness to others. Maybe even love...however, I'm not desperate for it. I believe that comes on its own. But the love for oneself and the appreciation for the life that you live is by far the greatest at times.

I wish the best for you all; plus a safe, happy, healthy & prosperous new year!! 😌

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