Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Visitor's Pass

Yesterday, I went to visit Wil in the hospital. Unfortunately, he is having some sort of liver problem. His enzyme levels are high and it was realized about year while he was getting his appendix removed, but nothing was done. The doctors said that something should have been done then, but because the focus was on his the removal of his appendix it became secondary. And although his liver enzyme levels were high, they were still somewhat "ok". Whatever that means. *shrugs* All in all, he's doing ok. He looked all crazy; covered in facial hair, but still had enough energy to tell a nurse off. And I quote, "If you don't like your job, then don't do it. Don't make my life or any other patient's life miserable because you hate your job." That's Wil.

I did blog all of this yesterday from the hospital, but the laptop I was on wanted to act up once I finished. I'm hoping that he comes home VERY soon, and I heard his parents may be coming from PR to make sure he is okay. So you know what that means: family drama for him, and good ass Puerto Rican home cooking from a chef for me! God is good. :-) Take care everyone; off to work.

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ÐƎΓΓΛ ƁƎΓΓƎ© said...

This is a cute blog! I like it! I think I iwll follow now that I have read some. I do hope that he feels better.