Monday, January 9, 2017

Twenty Seventeen.

Let's keep this short.

This is year shall be a year of growth, experience, more change, trust, learning, and achievement. I feel more comfortable with both myself and relationship than ever before. However, now that we are married...yes, married -- it is my duty to continue he effort on my end to be the best husband and stepfather possible. My effort must continue the same for our company we are in the midst of doing. So far, I have spent hours upon hours researching to ensure that this company is not only lucrative, but has the longevity and growth that I see it having. There is also a side venture that I have been contemplating, however, more research is needed for that. My goal is to be up and running by year's end.

The focus of this year shall be growth. This year shall lack limits and have more experience. With said experience should come hard work, and with achievement to follow. There have been one too many years of talking the talk. This year I shall walk. Put my money where my mouth is...literally and figuratively. I must learn to trust myself and know that even if I fall flat on my ass, I at least tried. I have spent years beating myself up for not try certain things or completing school. This year I need to let hat go and trust that trying is enough. 

I want 2017 to be my year for exceptional growth professionally. My account needs to read boss just like my business cards. A year of change it is, but growth overall. I look forward to it, and embrace with an open heart and open mind. 

Now back to my honeymoon! Hah!!

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